The Definition of You

Day-in, day-out we are bombarded by the notion that we must eat to live, live to work & work to survive. Some people pursue happiness, while others just pursue the “Mighty Dollar.” At the end of the day, we all receive a paycheck-a piece of paper stating how much our time was worth. But what is it all about anyway? What is the meaning of the term “job”?

Truth be told, only you can set the definitions for these terms and answer these questions based solely on the content of your own heart. If there is any ounce of advice to be offered, I would just say pursue happiness. Think about what you have a deep-seeded passion for and go after it. An artist paints, a writer writes and the hero saves lives not for the societal standard of “greatness,” but for himself, for the boldness to act on what they have always wanted to do in life. Only you can truly define you and only you are going to be living this life, no one else. So pursue your passions with vigor, strength and the determination you’ve always had inside of yourself. What you posses within your world, will be sure to inspire another in theirs. 


3 thoughts on “The Definition of You

  1. This is true. Life is a lot about getting what you’re worth beyond a couple of bucks. Realistically speaking, you still need money to live a decent life and have food on the table, but then that’s just a physical imperative you’re satisfying. Not too many people care to look for anything beyond that. They think that just by eating good food and dressing well they got it made.

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