Significance of Simplicity

The mind is a complex force of nature meant to decipher between the mathematical equations, life functions and organizational standards of our everyday lives. One thing that we tend to forget about our minds is that there is beauty in its simplicity. At first glance, this photograph may look like a simple tree, but when you let your mind wander without over-analyzation you realize that there lies every shade of ROY G. BIV. 

In the modern, being busy equates to one being of some kind of “importance,” however that can most times be far from the truth. Life is indeed a learning process and it is important for us to learn to find the significance in simplicity. There is beauty all around you…from every blade of grass to every smile from your lover. Take a moment to stop, feel the emotions and then reflect upon them. Your mind is always running and sometimes walking is the only way for it to enjoy the simple things in life. 



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