What Is Reality?

Reality is the outward expression of our inner-beliefs. Each and everything our heart passionately persists to discover, we go into the world to seek.The essentiality of the mind is to provide a map by which to set our standards and ultimately follow our morality. Reality is whatsoever you define to your set limits. Soul-searching is just part of the process to discovering your reality, but whatever the outcome…you must wholeheartedly believe it is the most glorious circumstance because the decisions were made by your mind and your heart’s harmonious dance.

You can always find your reality by reflecting upon the things in life that truly matter to you. Where did you come from and where do you see yourself going? No one can break the bond between you and your emotions. Figure out your reality and do nothing but move forward from there because you will be given the opportunity to share your reality with others…and that is what truly makes mankind so infinitely amazing!


"I took this photo from two students in my class. What was amazing to me was that in their reality, there exists no color-lines. Just two little girls having fun together...Don't you wish everyone else in the world would believe in this thought too?"



One thought on “What Is Reality?

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