Every word you speak & every syllable that you sow must be taken as a promise to others that this factual circumstance will occur in the future’s moment in time. As a people who posses not just the gift of wisdom, but likewise the gift of common sense- it is hard to believe in the movement of the tongue. 

This has come from years of us being conditioned to not listening to words being heard from others. From the “crooked politicians” to the breaking of the “’till death do us part” vow of sanctity, people do often make promises they never intend to keep. 

So as a person of integrity, maintain your honor by keeping your word. As a person who’s actions are building upon the foundations for their success, only make promises that you intend to keep. Whether it be promising to take your child to the park or cooking your lover dinner, promises are words that have deep and sincere meaning. 

Just as we believe that the sun to rise and set each day, there are people that hold onto your words,so surround yourself with nothing but truth. Image


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