Seeking Purpose

One of the biggest struggles we have to face in life is defining ourselves. We may walk in a crowd of one million but there can only be one of “you.” From the very moment we enter the world, our parents wonder what we will be in life…who we will become. A president or a painter? An archaeologist or a philathropist? Either way, either profession, at some point we will always ask the question, “What is my purpose?”

A great destiny & beyond, your purpose encompases your beliefs. A single entity comprised of the current wisdom you have acquired plus the feelings of your heart’s desires, passions & aspirations. Someone, somewhere is struggling with that question of defined purpose & I want to be a model for them. I feel as though mine was to help children and be the glue that holds my family together, so what is yours? It takes both patience and the understanding of oneself to truly define one’s purpose, so take the necessary steps to completing such a goal. Even if they are baby ones, at least you are pushing forward to seeking your purpose that is out there waiting for you to find it.


This image embodies one of my purposes…to help children. This is a lovely photograph of my student and I.



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