The Reality of Love

We all say we want it, but when we find it we run from it. A bond so deeply intertwined, for most it seems like perfection is a scary thing. Maybe it is the responsibility of actually living up to a standard that most cannot handle? or maybe it is the fact that sacrifices must be made in order to maintain it? 

Either way, love should not be looked at as something to be afraid of but rather a beautiful, precious entity. To have  someone who loves you for you might possibly be the most amazing feeling in the world. Hair unruly, eyes filled with tears or dorkishly dancing to one-hit-wonders…they are there, loving you, just as you are. So I encourage you to turn away from the notion that it is “okay to be like everyone else.” When you find love staring you in the face, hold on to it because like a shooting star that comes once every so odd millenium- once it occurs, it may never return. Just lost amongst the galaxy of millions of celestial bodies. 

Love is rare, love is beautiful. It is patient, kind, understanding and honest. Something that is meant to last amongst the ages…defy the status quo and inspire those whom wish to believe in the notion that there is still stability in this turbulent existence. Believe in the power of love, wherever it may be. 



“Just as Romeo and Juliet fought for their love, we should appreciate that we live in an age where we are free to openly love whoever we want.”


2 thoughts on “The Reality of Love

  1. I like the text it is very positive and romantic. Although I think it is a crucial part of love the fear of loss, of not understanding and of making a fool out of oneself. It is part of the lucky moment when you have found love, when you realize that all these fears have been delayed because your soul-mate understands you, loves you and can laugh with you.

    • Thank you so much for deepening the concept with your thoughts. I like when a reader can add another layer to my work. I appreciate your thoughts and indeed, while fear is a part of love-maybe in today’s society it plays a bigger role than it actually should. Thank you, once again : )

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