Between the Mind and Time

Time is one of life’s most precious gifts…here today, gone tomorrow. Lost within the the blink of an eye, the precious moments we hold so dear later on, can sometimes seem so insignificant while the actions are taking place, we never appreciate them until they are gone-lost like millions of water particles floating through the air, only to be transformed into vapor that which is no longer visible with the naked eye. 

A first kiss, the last dance or the particular smell of a dish grandma used to make…such experiences are embedded within our long-term memory. Now while some may be retrieved by our minds when we search for vital information, others may stay there-never to be opened for the rest of your life. So I ask that we may defy the legalities time has set forth and empower ourselves to hold each and every moment closer to our hearts than ever before. 

Time is here, it is the now. It is the part of life that waits for no man, while being yours for the taking at the same time. Appreciate every experience with eyes wide open to introspection and reflection, for that time and those moments occurred within this continuum for an unknown purpose. Although sometimes beyond humanistic comprehension, would be treated as a fragile entity in itself. 

So achieve and aspire every goal set forth and led by the tug of your heart-strings with vigor and vivaciousness. Sieze the day, lead your life and engulf every second, minute and hour…to be soaked into your soul with nothing but gratuitous energy. Time…here today, but never promised tomorrow. 


I chose this piece of mine because it shows a moment in time that was precious to me. Here I am holding my little cousin when he was crying and it was a moment that was special to me because I was able to comfort him…a moment in time that may seem so small can have the biggest impact.



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