Opulent Optimism

An opulent display of vibrant colours glistening in every hue. Your smile is your chance to say to the world, “I am here, I am the analogy for life.”

Although we are a species assimilated to believing in the notion that the glass is half empty, instead of half full. However, find the eyes of a child for they have yet to be exposed by the pessimistic nature of what we deem as “reality”…they always have something to smile about. And like the children who are slightly oblivious to responsibility, hardships, heartache and pain, we must facet ourselves to be a modification of them. Indeed it is important to grow in knowledge and gain wisdom on your path in life throughout adulthood, but also keeping a homeostatic balance by never losing our childish innocence.

Being an optimist does not make you gullible or nieve, it just means you have a heart so gargantuan that it has room for an infinite amount of possibility…to believe in that whisper telling you to never give up and present that sublime smile for everyone to take notice of.


“Veronica and Mektilili’s painting entitled ‘My Family’ from the Children’s Art Exhibit at the MET in New York City. I fell in love with this piece because every character shows a glimmer of happiness. When you begin to feel the painting, you can somehow believe that the actualization of life is based on the notion of the glass being half full, instead of half empty.”


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