Can We Run?

I met a man once who started out with just a dream, but then he ran…struggled. He was awake from the moment the sun arose, to the moment the sun began to set. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or the hours of late nights toiling that made him fight, but it wasn’t the lack of food that drove his hunger…it was his dream. To make what was once an image stored in the back of his mind and forever kept sacred in the depths of his heart-it was the pursuit of himself, his passion, his ultimate reality defined on the premise of sheer determination and hope for the future.

In this race we call life, never look at it as something that we can just merely walk through. Indeed, stop and appreciate the simple things every so often, but when you are young in spirit, brave in heart and solid in mind now is the time to pursue your dreams (in the words of H. Rollins) “…with monastic obsession.” It’s your time now, so appreciate every minute while it is in your presence.


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