Little Hands

Those hands, those precious little hands…did they ever have the chance to work with all their might? Those minds, those tiny, little, inquisitive minds…did they ever have a chance to discover? Those voices, those meek and mild little voices…did they ever have the chance to give a speech that would define a generation or even shape a nation? Those feet, those itty bitty feet…did they ever have the chance to run the distance, to compete for a medal of honor? Those hearts, those small, but strong, willing to fight, forever loving hearts…did they ever have the chance to flutter at the  feeling of a first love, graduation day or the realization of their dream seeing the light of day? Those souls…those wonderful, brightly-lighted souls. So filled with hope, we smile because they batted their little wings and flew to heaven. 

Although we have never seen the face of innocence being abused and broken, the truth of the matter is, children all over the world die everyday. Sometimes it is war, because they fight for the right to go to school or for reasons such as this that remain untold. Whatever the reason, it happened and the truth of the matter is, until we change ourselves as individuals from the inside, we will not see our precious little planet earth grow on the outside. It is just that time to pass the ideals of community, compassion and love onto our children and their children in turn…violence is never the answer.

In honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy I wrote this piece not just for the children, but for the parents, who have to cope with not having their little babies come home, and for all of the teachers that gave their lives trying to protect all of their students, even though it was not asked of them. As a teacher, you feel like these children are your own and truthfully I just commend them wholeheartedly for all of the courage and bravery they displayed on December 14, 2012.


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