Dear Boston

Dear Boston,

A senseless tragedy betrothed words of mourning. A misunderstanding, questions of why here, why now? However, who takes the ultimate blame? For no forced legislation, no cracking of the whip nor concoction of torture against the perpetrator can stop evils like these from roaming the earth. This isn’t about rebellion nor about statements, but above all it must not revel about in bitterly tasting revenge.

For we must look up to the reconstructive view that beholds this gloriously infinite truth: what was meant for sorrow, we must redefine for the soul. For when the one percent gaze outside of their multi million-dollar flats while the blue-collars run to catch the train from work- we are all basking in the sunset, breathing in the sweetest oxygen, touching every life-force just by simply existing. It is that moment when we discover that we are “Our of Many, One People” and that we can truly change…not as a nation but as a world. Heal, build and transform the soul. 

“You got to be free…come together right now, over me”

The Beatles, 1969







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