Paint Your Own Perfection

What is this conundrum we as a society seek to model ourselves after? From the “American Idol” to “America’s Next Top Model,” how can we continuously judge who has the X-factor and who does not? The truth of the matter is, we all have it.

Miraculously beautiful are you that was blessed with chocolate or vanilla complexion, a curly or straight mane and a body that is courageously curvaceous or a sassy size two…it does not matter. The most astounding masterpiece we can ever hope to create is the one sketched within your heart, waiting to be filled in by the most vibrant colors that your environment can provide. From your family, to your friends, to your most precious sources of inspiration…each paint a moment, a part of who you are as a person.

Perfection is not made up of what brand of clothing you wear, car you drive or how many followers you have on Twitter…it’s about personification of self and the admiration of the soul, first. There exists no one, true definition of “perfection” because it is encompassed by many different facets, faces, personalities, people and strengths as well as weaknesses. Do not seek it in the media, but meditate. Do not try to discover it, but rather go on a journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, you will find everything you are looking for when you look inside of Y.O.U.


There is no dictionary…take the colors and create your own definitions. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; making unique shades or hues that the world has never seen before. Believe in traveling the unchartered territory, don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines…paint your own perfection.


The Road Less Traveled By

Never be afraid to dive into a realm of uncertainty nor live a life that constantly provides a sense of comfort. Be brave enough to see everything with open eyes, challenge yourself to be molded into who you truly are. Being in a place that constantly puts obstacles in your way, is only part of the transformation. Coming forth as gold, just trust that in the end you will gleam with a miraculous light, protruding from your aura with nothing but pure and honest excellence.


I took this shot while on a hike in the park…the funny thing was, I had walked for so long without seeing any end in sight. Then it dawned on me that taking a journey into the unknown is what life is all about.
What do you really want?
What do you believe is your purpose in life?
Placing fear to the side, I wholeheartedly encourage you to discover what your heart truly wants and ultimately find yourself in the process. You will reach the finish line of your someday…as long as you are willing to go the distance.
Good Luck…wherever your journey may lead you : )


Breaking the Mold

No, we weren’t created to be like everyone else…hiding behind the facade of “beauty.” No, we weren’t fascinated by celebrities nor looking to figure out who was dating who, but by what problems we could solve. How can we save a life? No, we weren’t into talking about what we were going to do, for we stepped outside into the world and did it. We were created to create, to innovate and to build legacies that would last for generations to come. No, not our faces to be seen but our voices to be heard. To be humble is our mightiest attribute, for our greatest sense of pride can only come from a child’s eyes when it shines with a glimmer of hope for their future, their belief in creating something the world has never seen before. No, we do not follow, we lead. No, we do not boast, but simply succeed…for it is not by our words but by our actions that speak of our true accomplishments. No, we are not like everyone else but the genetic mutations of generation X. We sought out more than just nine to five and the confines of walls…we fought for more, for the world. Discovering uncharted territory, we made leaps and bounds, destroyed the status quo and yes, we are here to break the mold.


The X-men weren’t just fictional characters in a comic book, they symbolized the greatness of being unique and the boldness to make an impact and ultimately revolutionized the sentiment that there is power in being different.

International Day of the Girl

“I am woman…hear me roar” is the common underlining statement embodied in the American female spirit. While we were once born and raised to play as the domicile, domestic creature of gentleness, we are now the working force…the backbone behind the dreams of our children, the strength of our husbands. We bring it all together and there are many who have full-time jobs, as workers in both the corporations and as mothers in the home. Then there are the single women, like myself, whom also work countless hours but hold off on marriage, all to capture a dream.

Indeed, when I am asked why I am not married nor seeing anyone, I could give multiple excuses as to why it is not so only to come back to the underlining factor that it is ultimately just that that keeps me on the path that I am on…my dream. There was always something inside of me that told me I was not meant to be in one place, but was meant to be everywhere I was needed…to soar, to fly, to seek an infinite amount of possibilites. Personally, I chose not to be married right now because there are so many people who need my help and they, to me, are more important than the little house with a white picket fence right now. I can wait for the PTA meetings and the parties because I have faith that will all come to me in due time but there are kids out there thirsting for their right to a decent education…and that is what I want to give, that is my purpose.

Being alone right now is nothing short of a blessing because we, as women, should strive for something more. From Joan of Arc to Tina Turner, we’ve taken the hurt, pain and oppression then turned into fuel for our fire, a rise to power, greatness and attribution to our destiny. So in honor of celebrating International Day of the Girl, I partnered up with to celebrate the infinite beauty and strength of the form that is us…woman. The best way to show your pride is to show how much you care, so help bring bring awareness to ending child marriage everywhere. Let us celebrate these girls and let them know that they have the capability of becoming the entrepreneur, the teacher or the senator. They have the infinite amount of possibility all in the palm of their little hands and eyes brightened by expectation.


*Did you know that over 60 million girls all over the world whom are forced into marriage before the age of 18? This post supports the International Day of the Girl on October 11th on behalf of and Charitable Influence, a network of bloggers using their voices for good.

“Open Your Eyes…”

“Open your eyes. Close your ears. Close your ears. Open your eyes. Listen to the words you see. You are blind to what you hear. Listen to the words you see. Do not fear the truth beneath. Reach for roots beneath the trees. Listen to the words you seek. Don’t listen to a word they say. Do NOT listen to a word you’ve heard. Do not listen to a word you’ve heard. People are people we live for our own. Live how you think not by what you’ve been told.” – Justin Nozuka (2006)

Such significance in this song by Nozuka entitled quite rightly, “Don’t Listen To A Word You’ve Heard.” The first time I heard this song I actually closed my eyes and breathed in every word he sang. Personally, I believe that the undertones of the song urge us to forge our own paths, follow it with abundant vigor and be sure that it provides meaningful content to the soul. We all have a copious network of roots beneath our simple exteriors, it just takes time and dedication to reveal the beauty of our inner truth.

Between the Mind and Time

Time is one of life’s most precious gifts…here today, gone tomorrow. Lost within the the blink of an eye, the precious moments we hold so dear later on, can sometimes seem so insignificant while the actions are taking place, we never appreciate them until they are gone-lost like millions of water particles floating through the air, only to be transformed into vapor that which is no longer visible with the naked eye. 

A first kiss, the last dance or the particular smell of a dish grandma used to make…such experiences are embedded within our long-term memory. Now while some may be retrieved by our minds when we search for vital information, others may stay there-never to be opened for the rest of your life. So I ask that we may defy the legalities time has set forth and empower ourselves to hold each and every moment closer to our hearts than ever before. 

Time is here, it is the now. It is the part of life that waits for no man, while being yours for the taking at the same time. Appreciate every experience with eyes wide open to introspection and reflection, for that time and those moments occurred within this continuum for an unknown purpose. Although sometimes beyond humanistic comprehension, would be treated as a fragile entity in itself. 

So achieve and aspire every goal set forth and led by the tug of your heart-strings with vigor and vivaciousness. Sieze the day, lead your life and engulf every second, minute and hour…to be soaked into your soul with nothing but gratuitous energy. Time…here today, but never promised tomorrow. 


I chose this piece of mine because it shows a moment in time that was precious to me. Here I am holding my little cousin when he was crying and it was a moment that was special to me because I was able to comfort him…a moment in time that may seem so small can have the biggest impact.


The Reality of Love

We all say we want it, but when we find it we run from it. A bond so deeply intertwined, for most it seems like perfection is a scary thing. Maybe it is the responsibility of actually living up to a standard that most cannot handle? or maybe it is the fact that sacrifices must be made in order to maintain it? 

Either way, love should not be looked at as something to be afraid of but rather a beautiful, precious entity. To have  someone who loves you for you might possibly be the most amazing feeling in the world. Hair unruly, eyes filled with tears or dorkishly dancing to one-hit-wonders…they are there, loving you, just as you are. So I encourage you to turn away from the notion that it is “okay to be like everyone else.” When you find love staring you in the face, hold on to it because like a shooting star that comes once every so odd millenium- once it occurs, it may never return. Just lost amongst the galaxy of millions of celestial bodies. 

Love is rare, love is beautiful. It is patient, kind, understanding and honest. Something that is meant to last amongst the ages…defy the status quo and inspire those whom wish to believe in the notion that there is still stability in this turbulent existence. Believe in the power of love, wherever it may be. 



“Just as Romeo and Juliet fought for their love, we should appreciate that we live in an age where we are free to openly love whoever we want.”


In a world where we seek so much, it is not hard to notice that many find so little. While millions scratch to survive, a handful of elite sit back and twiddle thumbs in splendor. A lavish lifestyle filled with the thought process that you can have anything at your disposal, simply because you’ve “earned” it at one point in time. Is this the American dream or a faded reality influenced by the opaqueness of the “ignorance is bliss” facade. 

When you grow up working for everything that you have, it gives you a sense of appreciation, humility and compassion. Indeed, you are working dilligently to obtain financial capital, but it is what you choose to do with it that makes you who you are. In life, we all have the same underlining purpose…to do good. Giving, encouraging and making time for those in need are a part of building yourself. You are success because you live your life according to high moral standards and uphold your caring values. Rather than living in the moment selfishly, we have the choice to live on forever in nobility. 


Princess Diana is one of my biggest influences because she had a choice. She could have just sat in the shadows, but she completely transformed the noble titles to mean something else. She never wanted to wear gloves when touching people…she was just herself, like everybody else. I love the fact that being a simple, humble human being makes you the most beautiful and beloved person in the world.
“Anywhere I see suffering that is where I want to be, doing what I can.” (Diana, Princess of Wales; 1961-1997)

I Am Satisfied

In my little apartment, I look outside my window and release my smile inside.
I am content with what I have, for I am satisfied.
I see the grit and grime, the laughter and the cries. 
I love the people of NY…I am satisfied.
Waking up at the crack of dawn to work everyday, not for myself but for the people-I do try. 
I am power, persistence, resilience…I am satisfied. 
To be someone else, I would rather not be. 
For I am merely me. A person on whom many rely. I am faith, compassion and comprehension…I am satisfied. 
A tiny spark in the biggest of universal space, I have a dream that will never give up, continuing to try.
I am a vision-seeker encompassed with grace as my guide. 
Forever humble, forever grateful…I am satisfied.


Having the strength to fight for what you believe in. To uphold your personal morality and pursue justice with every living breath exhaled from your lungs. It is the capability to obtain solidarity between your spirit and your actions. 

By and by, we come across people and situations that are not there to bring about copious amounts of turmoil, but are rather there to test our courage, to bring forth strength. It is so important that we begin to be grateful that trials and tribulations exist because it is at these times when we journey over the river and through the woods that we come out on the other side the strong, formidable beings we are destined to become. Courage…seek it, discover it and use it to bring forth positive circumstance.

Define Courage

“If the Cowardly Lion can find the strength to discover his inner-courage…then why can’t we find our too?”