Paint Your Own Perfection

What is this conundrum we as a society seek to model ourselves after? From the “American Idol” to “America’s Next Top Model,” how can we continuously judge who has the X-factor and who does not? The truth of the matter is, we all have it.

Miraculously beautiful are you that was blessed with chocolate or vanilla complexion, a curly or straight mane and a body that is courageously curvaceous or a sassy size two…it does not matter. The most astounding masterpiece we can ever hope to create is the one sketched within your heart, waiting to be filled in by the most vibrant colors that your environment can provide. From your family, to your friends, to your most precious sources of inspiration…each paint a moment, a part of who you are as a person.

Perfection is not made up of what brand of clothing you wear, car you drive or how many followers you have on Twitter…it’s about personification of self and the admiration of the soul, first. There exists no one, true definition of “perfection” because it is encompassed by many different facets, faces, personalities, people and strengths as well as weaknesses. Do not seek it in the media, but meditate. Do not try to discover it, but rather go on a journey of self-discovery. Ultimately, you will find everything you are looking for when you look inside of Y.O.U.


There is no dictionary…take the colors and create your own definitions. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; making unique shades or hues that the world has never seen before. Believe in traveling the unchartered territory, don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines…paint your own perfection.


The Road Less Traveled By

Never be afraid to dive into a realm of uncertainty nor live a life that constantly provides a sense of comfort. Be brave enough to see everything with open eyes, challenge yourself to be molded into who you truly are. Being in a place that constantly puts obstacles in your way, is only part of the transformation. Coming forth as gold, just trust that in the end you will gleam with a miraculous light, protruding from your aura with nothing but pure and honest excellence.


I took this shot while on a hike in the park…the funny thing was, I had walked for so long without seeing any end in sight. Then it dawned on me that taking a journey into the unknown is what life is all about.
What do you really want?
What do you believe is your purpose in life?
Placing fear to the side, I wholeheartedly encourage you to discover what your heart truly wants and ultimately find yourself in the process. You will reach the finish line of your someday…as long as you are willing to go the distance.
Good Luck…wherever your journey may lead you : )


Why Working Everyday Is A Great Idea!

Why Working Everyday Is A Great Idea!

“When I’m deep in a project, everything I experience seems to relate to it in a way that’s absolutely exhilarating. The entire world becomes more interesting.”-Jocelyn K. Glei

In order to keep your ideas fresh and invigorating…challenge yourself to work every single day. There is nothing more exciting than working on a project and keeping your momentum at an accelerated pace. I challenge you to feed your mind with meaningful words found poured from the pages of a piece of literature, lay down on the grass with your journal in hand and just feel the energetic presence of the sun as the words begin to flow from your mind and onto paper. Taking in inspiration from every life-force that surrounds you, your deep-seeded passion just transformed into an amazing reality.

Love what you do, each and every single day!

Hope Is Never Lost

Abused and abandoned…sometimes we think beyond repair. As you recall the memories of the secrets being hidden and the lies being whispered, it all comes to a grand finale. A conclusion lacking of a “happily ever after,” you wonder why. Why do they hurt the one they say they love?

The truth of the matter is, there are holes…holes present in their heads and even larger ones in their hearts. They neglect to remember all of the times you created their crescent-shaped lips in the form of a bright smile, stood by their side when there was nothing to their name to overflowing with joy when they finally became something. Why can’t they remember when you comforted their cry and caught every teardrop? Like a shadow you were there until the very end, believing they would cherish you forever. The hole becomes deeper, creating an abyss of eternal selfishness- there is no space in their heart for you because the hole takes its place.

Today, I say to you, however, walk away from all of the holes you may possibly fall into. Turn in the other direction away from their darkness and into the light. Do not be afraid to leave a liar and do not be afraid to stay true to what you know you deserve. All hope is never lost because there will always be forgiveness for you because you chose to do what might have been one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life. You have given your all, remained truthful and gave them grace, even when none was given to you. Stay in hope that you are complete without the screwing of your soul. Hope is never lost, it will always find its way back home-back to you in the form of a simplistic, humble and beautiful renewal…Loving you, for who you truly are.

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Just as in the dead of winter, only bare branches can be seen with the naked eye. However dormant beneath their resting barks wait seeds of greatness, ready to sprout come Spring’s full glorious bloom.

Dear Boston

Dear Boston,

A senseless tragedy betrothed words of mourning. A misunderstanding, questions of why here, why now? However, who takes the ultimate blame? For no forced legislation, no cracking of the whip nor concoction of torture against the perpetrator can stop evils like these from roaming the earth. This isn’t about rebellion nor about statements, but above all it must not revel about in bitterly tasting revenge.

For we must look up to the reconstructive view that beholds this gloriously infinite truth: what was meant for sorrow, we must redefine for the soul. For when the one percent gaze outside of their multi million-dollar flats while the blue-collars run to catch the train from work- we are all basking in the sunset, breathing in the sweetest oxygen, touching every life-force just by simply existing. It is that moment when we discover that we are “Our of Many, One People” and that we can truly change…not as a nation but as a world. Heal, build and transform the soul. 

“You got to be free…come together right now, over me”

The Beatles, 1969






To Be Different Is To Be Divine

Often times it is hard to find solid sources of great inspiration. However, in a world so filled with amazing cultures, personalities, theories and core beliefs; sometimes all we need to discover that source of enlightenment is to walk down the street. Feeling every vibration in the form of new conversation, ultimately it is the people living their everyday lives that may appease to all of our external stimuli in a harmonious balance, providing that amazing source of inspiration we’ve been searching for. Look all around you and grow everyday from each new experience.

“True learning and enlightenment might well come from finding out about that which we are not familiar, correcting two-way misperceptions, finding common ground, and in the process discovering that we are a lot more alike than we are different.”  -Jeanette Takamura

A Quote For Life

“The most wonderful, amazing, spectacular and worthwhile things in life…do not come easy. Working hard may bring battle scars, but they are living proof that you had the determinative spirit to accomplish something all on your own. Tired eyes are signs that you were the first one there and the last to leave. Rough hands prove you did what no one else was willing to do; and tears show the world that your body is a unique entity, for it will purge all of the hurtful emotion to provide space for positive energy and life to the heart.
So wear your beautiful badges of honor, courage and strength, for they ultimately shape who you are and personify personal destiny.”

Little Hands

Those hands, those precious little hands…did they ever have the chance to work with all their might? Those minds, those tiny, little, inquisitive minds…did they ever have a chance to discover? Those voices, those meek and mild little voices…did they ever have the chance to give a speech that would define a generation or even shape a nation? Those feet, those itty bitty feet…did they ever have the chance to run the distance, to compete for a medal of honor? Those hearts, those small, but strong, willing to fight, forever loving hearts…did they ever have the chance to flutter at the  feeling of a first love, graduation day or the realization of their dream seeing the light of day? Those souls…those wonderful, brightly-lighted souls. So filled with hope, we smile because they batted their little wings and flew to heaven. 

Although we have never seen the face of innocence being abused and broken, the truth of the matter is, children all over the world die everyday. Sometimes it is war, because they fight for the right to go to school or for reasons such as this that remain untold. Whatever the reason, it happened and the truth of the matter is, until we change ourselves as individuals from the inside, we will not see our precious little planet earth grow on the outside. It is just that time to pass the ideals of community, compassion and love onto our children and their children in turn…violence is never the answer.

In honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy I wrote this piece not just for the children, but for the parents, who have to cope with not having their little babies come home, and for all of the teachers that gave their lives trying to protect all of their students, even though it was not asked of them. As a teacher, you feel like these children are your own and truthfully I just commend them wholeheartedly for all of the courage and bravery they displayed on December 14, 2012.