Why Working Everyday Is A Great Idea!

Why Working Everyday Is A Great Idea!

“When I’m deep in a project, everything I experience seems to relate to it in a way that’s absolutely exhilarating. The entire world becomes more interesting.”-Jocelyn K. Glei

In order to keep your ideas fresh and invigorating…challenge yourself to work every single day. There is nothing more exciting than working on a project and keeping your momentum at an accelerated pace. I challenge you to feed your mind with meaningful words found poured from the pages of a piece of literature, lay down on the grass with your journal in hand and just feel the energetic presence of the sun as the words begin to flow from your mind and onto paper. Taking in inspiration from every life-force that surrounds you, your deep-seeded passion just transformed into an amazing reality.

Love what you do, each and every single day!


Dear Boston

Dear Boston,

A senseless tragedy betrothed words of mourning. A misunderstanding, questions of why here, why now? However, who takes the ultimate blame? For no forced legislation, no cracking of the whip nor concoction of torture against the perpetrator can stop evils like these from roaming the earth. This isn’t about rebellion nor about statements, but above all it must not revel about in bitterly tasting revenge.

For we must look up to the reconstructive view that beholds this gloriously infinite truth: what was meant for sorrow, we must redefine for the soul. For when the one percent gaze outside of their multi million-dollar flats while the blue-collars run to catch the train from work- we are all basking in the sunset, breathing in the sweetest oxygen, touching every life-force just by simply existing. It is that moment when we discover that we are “Our of Many, One People” and that we can truly change…not as a nation but as a world. Heal, build and transform the soul. 

“You got to be free…come together right now, over me”

The Beatles, 1969






A Quote For Life

“The most wonderful, amazing, spectacular and worthwhile things in life…do not come easy. Working hard may bring battle scars, but they are living proof that you had the determinative spirit to accomplish something all on your own. Tired eyes are signs that you were the first one there and the last to leave. Rough hands prove you did what no one else was willing to do; and tears show the world that your body is a unique entity, for it will purge all of the hurtful emotion to provide space for positive energy and life to the heart.
So wear your beautiful badges of honor, courage and strength, for they ultimately shape who you are and personify personal destiny.”