International Day of the Girl

“I am woman…hear me roar” is the common underlining statement embodied in the American female spirit. While we were once born and raised to play as the domicile, domestic creature of gentleness, we are now the working force…the backbone behind the dreams of our children, the strength of our husbands. We bring it all together and there are many who have full-time jobs, as workers in both the corporations and as mothers in the home. Then there are the single women, like myself, whom also work countless hours but hold off on marriage, all to capture a dream.

Indeed, when I am asked why I am not married nor seeing anyone, I could give multiple excuses as to why it is not so only to come back to the underlining factor that it is ultimately just that that keeps me on the path that I am on…my dream. There was always something inside of me that told me I was not meant to be in one place, but was meant to be everywhere I was needed…to soar, to fly, to seek an infinite amount of possibilites. Personally, I chose not to be married right now because there are so many people who need my help and they, to me, are more important than the little house with a white picket fence right now. I can wait for the PTA meetings and the parties because I have faith that will all come to me in due time but there are kids out there thirsting for their right to a decent education…and that is what I want to give, that is my purpose.

Being alone right now is nothing short of a blessing because we, as women, should strive for something more. From Joan of Arc to Tina Turner, we’ve taken the hurt, pain and oppression then turned into fuel for our fire, a rise to power, greatness and attribution to our destiny. So in honor of celebrating International Day of the Girl, I partnered up with to celebrate the infinite beauty and strength of the form that is us…woman. The best way to show your pride is to show how much you care, so help bring bring awareness to ending child marriage everywhere. Let us celebrate these girls and let them know that they have the capability of becoming the entrepreneur, the teacher or the senator. They have the infinite amount of possibility all in the palm of their little hands and eyes brightened by expectation.


*Did you know that over 60 million girls all over the world whom are forced into marriage before the age of 18? This post supports the International Day of the Girl on October 11th on behalf of and Charitable Influence, a network of bloggers using their voices for good.